Our Revision Policy

Pure Website Design offers revision services to our clients based on the package you select. Our customers/clients can avail of unlimited free revisions without any need to pay any additional charges. However, if you change the layout and theme of the website, we are going to charge you for that service because this request will fall into the category of overhauling or building a website from scratch.

Our revision turnaround time depends on various elements, such as the complexity of the revision you request. Therefore, the exact our team will inform you about the estimated turnaround time when you place a request for the revision.

Website Design Completion Timeframe

Our website design services' turnaround time depends on the complexity of the project. Our website design will give you an estimated project completion timeframe when you place an order. The time duration for the completion of the project will be only for a single iteration of the website's development stage.

Our Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

In any event, where a customer/client has made a deposit for a project, that deposit is non-refundable. This means a refund or money-back guarantee policy will not apply to the deposit paid for any project after the approval of the initial website theme and design.

In case a client has already requested a change or revision at any stage during the design and then decides to cancel the project, none of the deposit money shall be subject to refund. The refund or money-back guarantee clause is applicable only if the client terminates a contract based on non-performance or breach of the initial contract.

We are going to cater to all refund requests as follows:

  • You can ask for a refund when we make the initial website design offer to you. Once you have approved the website design or already requested changes in the proposed initial layout, the refund and money-back guarantee becomes void. Pure Website Design will be under no legal obligation to issue refunds.
  • If you make a refund request before we deliver the initial layout, you will be eligible to get a refund after subtracting 10% processing and service fee.
  • If you request a refund within 48 hours of receiving the initial design, you will be eligible for a 66% refund after subtracting a 10% processing and service fee.
  • If you request a refund within 48 to 120 hours of receiving the initial design, you will be eligible for a 33% refund after subtracting a 10% processing and service fee.
  • Pure Website Design will not entertain any refund request after 120 hours of our team delivering the initial website layout. However, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction and encourage our customers/clients to speak to us about any concerns you may have in mind.
  • If a customer fails to take any action on their order for the next 30 days after the date of placing an order, Pure Website Design will not entertain any refund request at all. In case you wish to reactivate the website order, we will charge you a specific reactivation fee based on your project.
  • Pure Website Design will not entertain any refund request after delivering the final files for the project.
  • If a customer or client changes their mind during any stage of the project and wishes to cancel the project for any reason, the client will not be eligible for a refund. However, we can offer online store credits that the client can use on other or future services.
  • Once Pure Website Design has completed the website development, no website package or client will be eligible for a refund.
  • Once your website is live, the refund policy becomes void.
  • We will only process a refund if a client places an order in good faith. If a client has placed the same order with various website design companies and then asks us to give the refund, this does not demonstrate good faith. Therefore, Pure Website Design will be in our legal rights to decline such refund requests.
  • All requests for refunds must be communicated to our support department. If you have violated the terms and conditions of our user agreement, Pure Website Design reserves the right to disapprove or approve your refund request.
  • If you have purchased multiple website design packages, the refund policy will be applicable as it is applicable on all of our single packages.
  • For logo design or any other service included in our branding package, you forfeit the right to request refunds once you have approved a logo design.
  • In case you have purchased services from our branding package along with the website design, you will be able to request a refund for the branding package only before the approval of the design.
  • You will have to provide a valid reason for the refund request. If everything is designed as per our initial order agreement, no refund will be offered. However, if you are unhappy with the final results, you can order unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.
  • Our website design and development projects need customers' feedback before we finalize the design and layout and begin development. Therefore, the customer will have to stay involved and provide us with frequent feedback for desired results and completion of the project at a mutually agreed time.
  • We promise and guarantee a website design that is 100% unique. Therefore, a client/customer is entitled to ask for a re-draw/redesign if you feel that the website or web developers share considerable similarities with another website in looks.
  • Any resemblance between the website we designed for you and another existing webpage will only be a mere coincidence. Therefore, Pure Website Design will not be legally obligated or held accountable or take any responsibility for any such occurrences. Furthermore, Pure Website Design will not entertain or will not be responsible for catering or entertaining any compensation claims in any of the above-mentioned cases or otherwise.
  • It is the client’s personal responsibility to get the copyrights for your website. We only design and develop a website.

Note: If deemed necessary, Pure Website Design hold and reserve all rights to decline or reject any project and cancel any contract at any time. Once we issue a refund to a client/customer, you will have no rights to use that domain for any purpose. In this case, the domain will remain the sole property of Pure Website Design, and we will be the rightful owners of that specific website.

Any services that are not related to website design services will not be eligible for any refund under any circumstances. They are not a part of or covered under Pure Website Design' 100% money-back guarantee. If you acquire any such services as part of any kind of packaged deal, you will not be able to request a refund or ask for money back on the entire package. Such services include the following:

  • Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing (all packages)
  • Website SEO Plans
  • Website’s Domain Purchase
  • Website’s Maintenance Plans
  • Website’s SSL Certificates
  • Website and email hosting services
  • Copyrights Protection certificates

Claim Your Refund

Remember, you will have to state a valid reason to claim your refund. You can claim your refund by contacting us via the following channels.

Upon refund, all the website rights will be transferred back to us. Therefore, you will have no rights to use the domain, website layout, theme, and content anywhere. We collaborate with Government Copyright Agencies to ensure that we share all copyright acquisition information for any refunded web design.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so confident of our claim to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction that we offer unlimited revisions to our clients. We will continue to revise the design until you are 100% satisfied.

Our Communication Policy

The only valid email communication channel we use at Pure Website Design is our official email address [email protected]. Pure Website Design is not responsible for any delays, damages, frauds, or issues caused by anyone communicating with any other emails not associated with our business.

We take full responsibility for providing accurate information through our official domain and emails.

Our Customer Support

We offer 24/7 customer support to all our clients via email, phone calls, and live chat. Feel free to contact us any time. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our Project Delivery Policy

We will send your completed website design files to the account you mentioned at the time of placing your order and making the payment. We will also send you an email confirmation about your delivery. The date of completing the project will vary based on your package and requirements. Therefore, the estimated time to complete your website design and development will be given to you when you place the order.

You will only be able to make the website go live once you have cleared any due payments or charges. The customer will have to make all payments within 7 days of Pure Website Design delivering the project. Suppose the customer fails to make the payment in 7 days. In that case, Pure Website Design will have the right to charge the credit card, debit card, or any other payment information provided by the customer at the time of order placement.

Our Quality Assurance Policy

We take pride in offering the best website designs and services. We strive to meet all industry standards when it comes to website design and development services.

Content to Populate the Website

Pure Website Design is not responsible for providing, creating, or populating content for the website we build for a client. If a client/customer wants us to add content, you will have to buy a separate website content package.

If you purchase a content writing package for your website, we will populate your website with relevant content. The content will be unique. If we add images to the website, we will charge separately for this service. We will purchase images once the client gives us the approval for each image to be used on the website.

Pure Website Design will not bear any responsibility for similarities of any kind between images used on customers' websites with any other existing website. The website design will populate your website with product images. However, to write product details and descriptions, you will have to pay.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Pure Website Design will not share information regarding any customers and projects with anyone. Your contact details and all other information will be kept completely confidential. Upon completion of each project, both the client/customer and Pure Website Design agree not to defame each other intentionally. If a client wants Pure Website Design can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the client/customer.

However, Pure Website Design will only sign an NDA after the customer/client has made 100% payment in full and paid any other service-related charges, fees, and licensing fees.

Record Maintenance

Pure Website Design will continue to maintain a record of each finalized website project that we deliver. We will also keep records of all the communication with our clients, customers, and third parties. The record will be maintained irrespective of whether the customer purchased a package or not. Anyone who gets in touch with us with questions, queries, and concerns or whenever we make a sale on our services, we will keep a record of our communications and delivered files.